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Strategic Goal Setting and Energy Leadership Workshop

Workshop Overview: This workshop and presentation provide a comprehensive exploration of strategic goal setting and the Energy Leadership Index Assessment. Participants will learn to set, track, and achieve goals while gaining insights into their leadership styles. This will equip participants to drive positive change, lead effectively, and maximize their potential within the organization. The Training is based on IPEC’s energy leadership to help maximize your potential.


Workshop Agenda:


Introduction to Goal Setting and Energy Leadership

  • Welcome and Introduction

  • The Importance of Goal Setting in Personal and Professional Growth

  • Understanding the Energy Leadership Framework

  • Introduction to the Energy Leadership Index Assessment

  • Benefits of Assessing Your Energy Levels

  • Setting Expectations and Objectives for the Workshop


The Art of Strategic Goal Setting

  • Setting SMART Goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound

  • Identifying Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

  • Crafting Personal and Professional Goals

  • Goal Setting Exercise

  • Creating Goal Action Plans

  • Accountability Structures for Goal Achievement


The Energy Leadership Index Assessment

  • Understanding the 7 Levels of Energy

  • Assessing Your Energy Leadership Profile

  • Interpretation of Energy Leadership Index Results

  • Group Discussion on Energy Profiles

  • Recognizing Energy Leadership Triggers and Responses

  • Identifying Leadership Strengths and Growth Areas


Integrating Goal Setting and Energy Leadership

  • Aligning Your Goals with Your Energy Leadership Style

  • Recognizing How Energy Levels Impact Goal Achievement

  • Personal Reflection: How Can Energy Leadership Enhance Goal Success?

  • Group Activity: Energy Leadership and Goal Setting Synergy

  • Case Studies and Success Stories

  • Practical Tips for Continuous Improvement


Key Takeaways for Participants:

  • Mastery of the SMART goal-setting framework.

  • A personalized Energy Leadership Index Assessment report.

  • Increased self-awareness of energy levels and leadership style.

  • Insights into how energy levels influence goal achievement.

  • Tools and strategies for ongoing goal tracking and success.


This comprehensive workshop and presentation equips participants with the skills and knowledge to set and achieve strategic goals effectively, while also providing them with a unique understanding of their leadership style through the Energy Leadership Index Assessment. It fosters a culture of goal-oriented leadership and continuous growth within the organization.

Free 30-minute coaching session

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